#1 Best notary loan signing agent course & training

#1 loan signing agent training course

#1 Best notary loan signing agent course & training 

Unveiling the Best Loan Signing Agent Course: Unlocking a Lucrative Career Path 


Becoming a successful loan signing agent requires in-depth knowledge and specialized training in notary public procedures, loan signings, and handling loan documents. With the industry's high demand and strict standards, choosing the best notary signing agent course is crucial to ensure a successful and fulfilling career. In this blog, we will explore a range of the top 8 courses, best practices, and industry leaders to help you navigate your path toward becoming a highly skilled and sought-after loan signing agent. Before making a decision to move forward It is also imperative in 2023 to understand the mortgage interest rate economy as well as the current real estate climate. It's also important to note that while the real estate industry bulk notarizations are all the buzz, in all reality only account for about 2% of all the notary transactions going on at any given day or time, or place for that matter.

That climate is a poor one. While it does ebb & flow it is relatively a famine at the moment. While this does not mean you can't be a successful notary loan signing agent, the best things you can do right now is pick the best 6-figure course, commit to the learning process then go on ahead and offer a great service to the general public as well as the title & escrow/lending industry. This blog is aimed to serve you as a great resource to save time researching the various programs and education that are available on the market. Owning a successful signing agent business used to be easy in the 2019-2021 boom. RIP. Now anyone pitching that to you is likely selling snake oil. 

Not just a "Mobile Notary" course. This is how to build a multi-faceted notary service business or even a signing service agency in the most cost-effective ways possible. To say this is a great course is an understatement. While many different packages pigeonhole notaries into being "NSA Notary Signing Agents", Notary Prosperity Academy seeks to develop true notary entrepreneurs. This course teaches advanced digital marketing, SEO, and the technical aspects of adding other skills or services to your notary arsenal. The course also equips notaries with a massive 425+  curated list of signing services for hiring notaries for jobs quickly, numerous marketing materials and real-time examples. They also furnish proven email marketing campaigns and lists of 2000+ personal title companies. This advanced course is for true real estate professionals. Hosted on the brilliant Kajabi platform with a downloadable app, offers users a premium learning experience unlike anything else on the market. Their courses are the only ones that come with a money-back guarantee.

This course is the ideal starter course. At the low price of $17 it is essentially free training. The potential or aspiring signing agent who is perhaps yet to get a notary public commission can affordably explore this new career. The notary umbrella shows what opportunities await the student as well as the most practical ways and different options to get a current commission without additional cost. This course is a good idea for someone completely green to the notary niche as it is loaded with free resources such as live links to all 50 Department of state websites, notary handbooks, and where the notary applicants need to go. This is your go-to online training course to get your notary commission quickly and put some money back in your pocket. It is no coincidence that the 1st three courses are by the same outfit. They literally were designed to correct the disproportionate gaps in the industry. 

The notary jump-start course is NPA's version of how to be a great signing agent.  Some people may want to be a professional notary entrepreneur in the near future but can't foot the extra cost of the Notary Prosperity Academy full version so they brought to market a few different courses. The Notary jumpstart comes with the required tools and training to start a successful nsa business. This includes the 250+ signing services common to the NSA blueprint and The Loan Signing System, and approximately 1/2 the cost of those aforementioned "systems" with some additional materials like setting up a Google business profile and optimizing it. As with the notary umbrella and prosperity academy, this learning experience is also hosted on the exquisite Kajabi learning suite. 

Andre Hatchett is a highly regarded mobile notary & signing agent course educator with a long-standing stature of good repute. The Notary Business School, provides extensive training and support. Their online training courses allow you to study at your own pace and offer valuable resources such as study guides and various training materials. An industry staple much like Notary2Pro, which follows industry standards and covers topics like notary public requirements, loan signings, and the role of a notary signing agent. They have an array of "a la carte" courses to pick from to improve your future career as a loan signing agent. It's worth mentioning that the various "a la carte" classes are all essential features included in the 1st mentioned notary prosperity academy.

The National Notary Association (NNA) is a the national governing body that offers a variety of online courses for notaries public. Their comprehensive curriculum covers loan signings, notary business best practices, and industry-related information. The NNA's online courses provide a flexible learning experience, allowing you to study in your spare time. Their certification and completion of the course can enhance your credibility and open doors to a successful career. It is the only true and universally accepted notary signing agent certification. The obvious downside is that it, aside from the necessary credentialing for getting appointed with signing services and background check, is otherwise useless. The NNA will do nothing for your revenue. They focus on the technique. While the NNA's functional training is good in the scope of things the primary reason it makes the list is out of sheer necessity for credentialing. They are a good resource for clarification of state best practices. But when it comes to supplies, insurance or bonding needs your wallet will thank you to use better-priced and more customer service-oriented outfits such as Notary.net

Tiger Toledo, the author of the "Rise of the smart notary" series, offers a different flavor of notary agency training, catering to individuals seeking to establish a thriving business that serves as a lead generation source and notary agency that leverages other mobile notaries for maximum revenue with minimum time expenditure. Tigers 250k call script is one of the best in the industry. Cash-Flow Academy also teaches power of attorney master class. They are adamant proponents of niching down your services. His message and methods are fresh air in the stale wind of the "just-a-notary" industry. 

7. NSA Blueprint:

Ex Loan officer, Jon Snedeker's NSA blueprint is perfect for the part-time casual signing agent "looking for a side-hustle". It offers professional notary signing agent training, catering to individuals seeking to establish a side gig as a loan signing agent. The course covers essential topics like conducting closings, notary bonds, notary services, notary seals, and the specific office supplies needed for loan signings. He also shows how to quickly accept a signing appointment. Jon also relays his unique cold-calling & prospecting methods which are rather clever. His course also touches on some important factors to consider in naming your notary service. NSA blueprint also touts a (not needed) NSA certification. NSA Blueprint also offers classroom instruction for those in the nearby Tampa Florida area.

8. Loan Signing System:

The Loan Signing System course, developed by the renowned Mark Wills, offers, like notary2pro  a rather outdated training program that covers many aspects of loan signings. This course is designed to equip aspiring loan signing agents with the knowledge and skills required for conducting successful closings. It encompasses loan documents to best practices but falls short of anything outside of the signing agent realm. LSS has a list of vendors, unfortunately, the list is somewhat "dated" with many of the 300 notary hiring companies defunct. With the rapid downturn in the real estate market and an uptick in interest rates, Mr. Wills has found his course nearly obsolete in a dry real estate market and now is trying to rapidly pivot to teaching other supplemental, but unfortunately low-rent "side-hustles" like field inspections, process serving, and the like. In its day LSS what no doubt all the hype but in 2023 it fails to keep up with the digital marketing skills today's notary will need. With the Loan Signing System course, you'll receive a certificate of completion which isn't a necessary requirement to become a certified notary signing agent despite this being his favorite "pitch".


Embarking on a loan signing agent career can be a great way to establish yourself in a high-demand industry and become your own boss. By investing in a professional course from reputable providers such as Notary Prosperity Academy, The National Notary Association, or Notary Jumpstart, you'll gain the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in this field. Remember to consider factors such as course content, reviews, reputation, and additional resources when choosing the best loan signing agent course for your needs. But DO NOT buy into the TIK TOK & YouTube hype! Use common sense & diligence, as opposed to having your emotions played on!

 With dedication, diligence, and continuous learning, you can build a successful career as a highly skilled and sought-after loan signing agent. In closing, I would highly advise avoiding courses not mentioned here, specifically the low-quality materials found on Udemy and other such online course marketplaces. The low prices may be tempting, but as someone who has reviewed nearly all of them, I can attest that you will get what you pay for. Make 2023 the year for notary prosperity!

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