Free Online Notarization Service

Free Online Notarization Services

Well, they don't exist! But let's discover why and what your next best option might be! 

So here's the deal...the platforms that facilitate online notaries are expensive to operated because of the level of technology they need to be compliant with various state regulations.  People often assume they can simply "ZOOM" with a notary but this isn't the case.  Free online notarization isn't a thing that can be legitimately offered. for that matter neither is "Cheap Online Notary". 

Because the notary has encryption requirements, and the end user seeking to get a document notarized online has to go through a series of ID validation steps it becomes a process that is "technologically costly". You can typically expect to pay upwards of $25 per notarization and more fees may apply if you are requiring witnesses and "pre-tagging" the forms for electronic signature.

 Usually, the independent remote online (RON) notary also pays a hefty fee to the SAAS company that hosts the session. You may see it advertised inexpensively on shady places like FIVERR or even popular notary platforms like Notarize & BlueNotary. But this is clickbait.

With regards to the "Fiverr" notaries, many are shills and the session isn't legitimate and you may experience document rejections. As for the big SAAS platforms mentioned, 2 scenarios usually play out:

Sites like Notarize WON'T perform the notary if you are outside the United States even though Florida and few other state laws permit this. Often you get nailed with "surcharges" you were not aware of. If you take a look at BlueNotary trust pilot reviews you'll see this happens regularly.

 So what can you do? We offer convenient, expedient scheduling with independent online notaries who operate on a better platform. Our booking fee is $25 and within a few minutes, our certified electronic virtual notaries will be inviting you to an online session. They will be upfront with you on the expected fees and if additional witnesses are required we can arrange that as well.