Carol Ray Notary2pro Review

The Legend

Carol Ray was a seasoned escrow officer,  that transitioned to a NSA. Her professional journey as a Notary Signing Agent started back in the days before YouTube hype and even FaceBook. Recognizing the absence of comprehensive training resources for notaries of this niche, in 2009, she initiative to address this gap and established Notary2Pro NSA courses. Unfortunately, Mrs. Carol Ray peacefully passed away in 2022, yet her impact & legacy remains.

 During the initial two years, Carol actively engaged with companies nationwide, inviting them to explore the innovative program she had crafted and refer students her way. Her training regimen encompasses three distinct courses, all available online around the clock, accommodating individuals to study at their preferred pace. Through her curriculum, Carol laid a solid groundwork for aspiring Notary Signing Agents, including those seeking ongoing professional development.


The Online Notary Courses:

 Fast forward a decade, and her legacy boasts an impressive roster of over 10,000 graduates spanning from its origins in Texas to the entire country. Carol firmly believed in the power of notary mentorship and notary coaching for her students' triumph, and she devoted special attention to those who benefited from personalized guidance provided by herself and her dedicated team.

 Rumor has it, all graduates are granted access to a curated list of highly rated 4 and 5-star signing service companies that actively seek to employ individuals solely based on their Notary2Pro certification (more on this later). I'm not entirely sure about this curated list, as I've done some extensive curating of my own, but I can attest that companies like Signature Closers and Unlimited Ink openly adopt a "preferred status" to the Notary2Pro certification. Some courses and training boast a list of 200 signing services to connect with. Some say they have 300+. I tell you I have a curated list of 425+ but that's not even where the real gold is at!

Upon enrolling in the Notary2Pro program, you will gain exclusive access to the ELITE Program for the current month along with an additional three months. This consists of the Basic Signing Agent Course, the Advanced Course, and the Reverse Mortgage Course. As part of this package, you will have the opportunity to take exams and pursue certification until you achieve a passing grade. Moreover, you will be granted entry into the Free Graduates website, with its perks.

 The learning experience is tailored to the user somewhat, allowing you to study at your preferred pace. Teaching consists of a variety of educational resources including videos, document reviews, and supplementary materials. To earn the esteemed Notary2Pro certification, you'll need to pass the exam with a score of 90% or higher.


Limitations of Notary2Pro

Carol's Notary2Pro is notary signing agent-centric in the execution and best practices. If various types of notarial acts and loan assignments are confusing or an enigma, this level of training is for you. This is most definitely appealing to signing services as your good work makes them look good, as it should. It works for you as long as the market conditions work. But what if they don't? What if you don't want to rely on Signing Service Agencies? This is the proverbial elephant in the room.

 My background was a critical care nurse for 15 years. Dealing with excruciating attention to detail in both human bodies, vitals, and dripping dangerous medications. At some point, I got an insurance license and began making more money "on the side" as an insurance agent than I did as an ICU nurse. Being an insurance agent also required careful scrutinization of contracts and documents as well as digital marketing skills. Another turning point in my nursing retirement/Insurance career, I decided a notary commission would be a beneficial lead generation (it was) tool for my insurance business. I offered a mobile notary service for basic wills and other estate documents to get a foot in the door for insurance conversations.


This was when I discovered the signing agent wormhole and even some notary Kool-aid. Because of my digital marketing efforts for all my services, often I would get title companies calling me to do real estate closings. I successfully closed hundreds of deals without any formal "loan signing agent" training, certifications, or courses. I simply paid close attention to detail and had a reasonable understanding of various legal & financial documents. It seemed to me like a simplistic task for someone with functional common sense and basic clerical abilities that didn't require much knowledge or effort.

 As I inevitably discovered, I could rapidly increase my number of "mobile notary assignments" as I called them, if I acquired these NNA / NSA credentials and appointed myself with various signing services in addition to scaling up my marketing efforts to the real estate demographic. It is worth mentioning that at no point up till then did I actually need any training other than my notary license. Nevertheless my revenue in doing such rapidly increased, but I wasn't going to get complacent.

 One of the things I wholeheartedly agree with Carol Ray and the folks at Notary2Pro on is that notaries shouldn't be pressured into "shifty" transactions by greedy, or otherwise uninformed signing services or lenders for that matter. Some will ask you to do things that range from unscrupulous to downright illegal, all in an effort to "look good" to the folks that hired them. The only "mistakes" I've made in closings have been simply the end signer refusing to follow proper instructions which unfortunately in the eyes of the hiring firm (tile, escrow, signing service) is your fault. Inevitably, standing your ground in these situations will be frowned upon.

 What to do about it?

 Simple. Have multiple services and broader skill sets. When you have more clientele, higher ticket services, and lead generation than you can handle, you will brush off these bottom-feeding turds in a New York minute! You won't sweat the occasional "burned bridge". I have adopted Tim Ferriss' (Rather Pareto's) 80/20 rule. Don't work with the difficult ones. Get better clientele, in every direction. The general public, title direct, law firms, structured settlement companies, solar companies, group notarizations at assisted living facilities... the list is endless! Did you know an annuity settlement company (think JG Wentworth) will pay you $100 for a 5-page assignment?

 This feat will require effort and diligence on your part though! You will need training that no course I've come across yet (I review them all out of sheer curiosity) offers. You need to seriously consider being more than just a notary signing agent. Look at what top notary entrepreneurs are doing. For instance, credit repair, tax preparation, insurance, fingerprinting, and legal document services are all potentially readily available services that mix well. Again, the true list of possibilities and adjacent niches that complement your notary is exhaustive.

 Learn digital marketing. Not Facebook & IG posting. Not cold calling. REAL. DIGITAL. MARKETING. The only one I am aware of teaching it in this notary space is Tiger Toledo and myself. Once you make that investment into your business you will be lightyears ahead of the pack. Plain and simple. This is the reality of the limitations of most notary courses. The educators I come across it seems want you to be just a notary signing agent. They fixate on technique primarily, if not only. They craft another "certification" for you to get that ultimately won't put any real money in your pocket.  BUT YOU CAN THINK OUTSIDE THE NSA BOX!