True Notary Entrepreneur vs Loan Signing Agent

Notary Entrepreneur vs. Loan Signing Agent:

Five Facts About True Notary Entrepreneur vs. Notary Loan Signing Agent:

FAQs about True Notary Entrepreneur Vs. Notary Loan Signing Agent

What is the difference between a regular, general notary public and a notary signing agent?

A notary public verifies the identity of a person signing a document required by law, while a notary signing agent assists with the execution of documents related to real estate transactions, specifically with borrowers obtaining a mortgage. Most notaries perform what is regarded as "general notary work".

What are the roles and responsibilities of a notary public?

The role of a notary public is to verify the identity of a person signing a document required by law to be executed as such. Notaries public are not responsible for reviewing the content of the paperwork or determining its legality; the act of applying a notary seal is simply for verification purposes. New notaries or aspiring notaries should first go through the state training or notary handbook or a basic intro course before being to concerned with all the "loan signing system" hype.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a certified signing agent?

A notary signing agent provides an explanation to borrowers about the documents they are signing, in addition to providing verification of the identity of those executing the paperwork. They must be knowledgeable about the entire mortgage process and ensure all signatures are in the right place and notarized as required by law. The know real estate documents. 

What are the qualifications and requirements for becoming a notary public?

To become a notary public, an individual must meet the state-specific requirements related to age, residency, and criminal background checks. They must complete a notary training course or exam and obtain a state-issued commission.

What are the qualifications and requirements for becoming a notary signing agent NSA?

 To become a notary signing agent, an individual must be a notary public with a state-issued commission and achieve additional certification specific to the state where the documents are being executed. They must complete training in the home loan closing course provided by the NNA.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a loan signing agent?

 When choosing a notary signing agent, consider their location for convenience, and credentials to ensure they have the proper commission and fees for their services. Choosing a notary service that provides quality customer care and professionalism is essential to ensure the proper execution of relevant documents.

What are the pitfalls to being "just a notary" or even "just a loan signing agent"?

 Unfortunately, many potential super-star entrepreneurs are cornered by the national notary association and numerous low-minded notary leaders into thinking they are "just a notary" and fixating on all the things they can't do. We suggest maximizing your notary commission and learning all the services you CAN and SHOULD offer. Choosing to do closings only, severely limits your potential and also subjects you to economic conditions that are outside of your control.

 What is specialty notary work?

 Specialist notaries offer services that consist of a host of other high-value, adjacent legal, financial & real estate services. Some examples are credit repair, tax preparation, fingerprinting, apostilles, remote online notary, legal document preparation, wedding officiant, and process server to name a few. 

How is a notary muti-services entrepreneur better than a notary signing agent?

 By offering other high value, services the notary has upsells that can both increase profitability with less ad expenditure and allow them to better distinguish themselves in the marketplace. With cheap notaries willing to undercut your prices, and a population with the attention span of a squirrel, having more high-value services in your arsenal is a crucial business decision. You will need proper expert notary training. Take it seriously.