Who Hires Mobile Notary Signing Agents? Do Signing Services?

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In today's fast-paced world, where legal documents and transactions are an integral part of our lives, the need for notary signing agents has become paramount. Notary signing agents are skilled professionals who play a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity and legality of various documents, particularly in loan signings and real estate transactions. In this blog, we will delve into the entities that hire notary signing agents and shed light on their importance in the industry. A mobile notary signing agent is essentially a licensed notary public who possesses a valid driver's license and undergoes additional training courses as well as maintains a professional appearance. They then can find signing agent jobs across the united states working both for themselves on their own schedule and loan signing companies which consist of lenders, realtors, title/escrow, attorneys, signing service vendors, and even the general public!

Title Companies and Mortgage Lenders: 

Title companies and mortgage lenders are among the primary entities that hire notary signing agents. They rely on these professionals to facilitate loan signings and ensure that all necessary loan documents are executed correctly. By utilizing the services of notary signing agents, title companies and mortgage lenders can streamline the closing process and ensure compliance with state laws and regulations. The Mom and Pop style title company is the most likely to take a chance on newer signing agents. If effect every one of these well-established notary signing services that provide consistent mobile notary signing jobs has mastered the relationship process with these entities. Some title companies pride themselves in the concierge service of hiring a mobile notary and this does make them look like a class act. On the flip, some title companies are cheapskates that run the (often botched) risk of letting the home owner or seller seek out a notary on their own. Oh, the horror stories I can tell you! 

Real Estate Agent:

While typically financial institutions hire escrow companies that in turn hire a signing company, which then procures mobile notaries from a local area, this isn't always the case. In some instances, the realtor may find themselves with an unusual transaction where real estate documents need to be completed outside of the normal settings. While Mark Wills swears by this "La conexión con bienes raíces implica diversos" in his loan signing system, it has been my experience that this isn't one of the best ways to get much work. Nevertheless making those connections and having a good reputation in the community can pay off under those special circumstances. To date, ironically I have coached more real estate agents into notary professionals than I have viable consistent referrals from real estate agents. I guess either way I make money...

Training and Certification: 

To become a notary signing agent, one must undergo training and obtain the necessary certifications. Training courses provide comprehensive knowledge of the loan signing process, familiarize agents with legal documents, and equip them with the required skills to perform their duties effectively. The American Association of Notaries and the National Notary Association offer valuable resources and training courses for aspiring notary signing agents. The training program is really just a formality to get familiar with the elements of typical mortgage loans. As the NSA gains experience the complexity of virtually any specific document. Notaries need to rudimentarily become adept with at minimum of sellers, refinances, purchases, HELOCS, loan mods and reverses. These will be the most common transactions. But don't get comfy. Expand your skill set! 

Mobile Notary Signing Agents: 

Mobile notary signing agents are in high demand due to their ability to travel to clients' preferred locations. This flexibility makes them an attractive choice for busy professionals, real estate agents, and individuals involved in real estate transactions. These agents ensure that loan documents and other legal paperwork are properly notarized in a timely manner, offering convenience and efficiency to their clients. Notaries should be first familiar with the state government and what they require of a notarized document before what a home loan officer wants. What is truly great about this profession is all you need is notary seals, a set of wheels, and a printer. It is a business model that has a low barrier to entry. This is both good and bad. It allows the ambitious to truly excel. Sign & thrive as Bill Soroka puts it. 

Background Checks and Legal Compliance: 

Given the sensitive nature of the documents handled by notary signing agents, background checks are often conducted as part of the hiring process. Title companies, mortgage lenders, and other hiring entities prioritize security and compliance with federal and state laws. Agents must possess an active notary commission and adhere to their state's notary laws, which vary across jurisdictions. Many states like California, already require fingerprinting or livescan as part of a screening. The NNA is the industry standard for getting a background check. It must be done annually. However other essentials to compliance such as errors & omission insurance and state-required bonding can be found more affordably on competitor sites like Notary.net

Signing Companies and Notary Management Platforms: 

Signing companies and notary management platforms act as intermediaries between hiring entities and notary signing agents. These entities bridge the gap by connecting agents with potential job opportunities and handling administrative tasks such as scheduling signings, managing documents, and ensuring compliance. Notable examples of signing companies include First American and Rocket Mortgage. Signing companies & notary signing agencies provide contract work notaries public all over the nation. Any notary management platform exists to facilitate the getting the loan package securely to the professional signing agent.  Another variation of the signing service is a notary agency. These kinds of notary agent services primarily assist the general public in getting a mobile notary service under special circumstances. These could be general notary documents like a copy certification, vehicle registrations or another type of legal document signing.

Role of Notary Signing Agents: 

Notary signing agents fulfill a vital role in the signing of important documents, such as mortgage documents and real estate closings. Their presence ensures that the documents are properly executed, signed, and notarized according to industry standards and legal requirements. By meticulously following best practices and state laws, notary signing agents help protect the interests of all parties involved in the transaction. Notary loan signing agents must keep in mind that it is not in their scope to provide legal advice. While no additional requirements are needed other than the minimum 25,000 E & O insurance policy, NSA should look into an additional training course: NRMLA created the Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional. This is an example of how the full time pro notary can stand out from the pack. Other examples include offering specialty notary services like legal doc prep, credit repair, apostilles, and of course, lest we forget remote online notarizations. 

How Attorney State vs. Non-Attorney State Affects Notary Signing Agents:

In attorney states, legal procedures and related documents often require the presence of an attorney. These states may impose stricter restrictions on who can perform notarizations and which documents can be notarized. In such cases, notary signing agents may be limited in their ability to perform certain types of notarizations or work on specific legal transactions. Additionally, in attorney states, notary signing agents may face increased competition from attorneys, who often have the authority to perform notarizations and also offer additional legal services. This can make it more challenging for notary signing agents to establish themselves in the market and find job opportunities. Georgia and South Carolina are prime examples of attorney states. Still, it is worth considering many transactions that originate outside of that attorney state will still need a notary present in the state and in these circumstances the rules don't apply!

Non-Attorney States:

 In contrast, non-attorney states allow notary signing agents to play a broader role in the legal process. These agents can carry out a variety of notarizations and work on different legal transactions without the need for an attorney's presence. In these states, notary signing agents can have a more prominent role in real estate transactions, the signing of legal documents, and similar procedures. The classification of a state as a "non-attorney state" can provide more job opportunities for notary signing agents, as they can offer their services in a wider range of legal contexts. Without additional restrictions related to attorney presence, these agents may find a higher demand for their services and establish stronger relationships with other professionals in the real estate and legal sectors. Additionally, in some states such as North Carolina, Florida, Arizona & California notaries pad their pockets by offering legal document preparation services! In these states, this opportunity is truly the live notary specialist best kept secret!!!

Building Relationships and Professionalism: 

Notary signing agents must prioritize customer service and professionalism. They interact with clients, borrowers, and other stakeholders during the signing process, and their conduct can significantly impact the overall experience. Building strong relationships with clients and providing exceptional service can lead to repeat business and referrals, allowing notary signing agents to establish themselves as trusted professionals in the industry. Not just in the real estate and lending community but in your local community. Many amateur notaries forget to build relationships with the end homeowner, These are the easiest referral and repeat customers you will get! It is also one of the unspoken job requirements to dress well. Serious notary entrepreneurs would do well to have a home office set-up. I cannot count how many real estate closings I have conducted right in my front home office! Many a time a signing appointment has come right to me! In one particular instance, a real estate agent was locked out of her office. Her client and I were standing in the rain. I offered my home office for use less than 1 mile down the road. Get listed on dynamic notary directories like Noble Legal Pros that allow you to showcase your skill set, network with various adjacent professionals, and voice your industry knowledge.


Notary signing agents are hired by a wide range of entities, including title companies, mortgage lenders, signing service companies, and law firms. Their expertise in loan signings and handling legal documents is crucial to ensuring the smooth and lawful execution of real estate transactions. By adhering to industry standards, staying up-to-date with local state and federal laws, and delivering exceptional service, notary signing agents can carve out successful careers as independent contractors or pursue full-time opportunities within the notary business. It is also a good idea to keep a few spares on hand. Spare stamps, printers, pens, pc, and even a car if you can swing it! 

Commit to learning and growing. Invest in your business, your mind, and your skill set. You will come into your stride and have to potential to go farther in this industry than you thought if you are willing to! Don't you think for a minute back in 2019 I thought was going to blog, or write a book, or have a YouTube channel?! 

In closing, I would like to invite you to take a look at our additional notary courses and come into my world! Check out our YouTube channels, newsletters, and podcast or get one of our Amazon bestsellers! The notary industry as well as legal services and real estate is a great place to be. I am looking to pave the way for the next wave of notaries in the digital world of 2023. I am a mobile loan notary signing agent myself, a legal document preparer, a signing service agency owner, a next-generation notary entrepreneurship course creator, a podcast host (the notary ninja show), and the author of 2 books in the notary niche! 

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