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Finding a notary public can be a difficult task. There are many notaries public out there, so it is important to do your research. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect notary public to notarize your important documents.

1. Ask your friends and family if they know any notaries public. They may have a friend or family member that they know is a great notary public.

2. Go online and search for notaries public in your area. There are many notaries public online who are willing to list their services.

3. Look for notaries public who offer discounted rates. Many notaries public offer discounted rates for students and retired individuals. Groupon is a great place to check in this instance!

4. Ask your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of notaries public in your area. Many notaries public offer free consultations to new clients.

5. Ask your bank or credit union if they know of any notaries public who offer discounted rates. Many notaries public offer discounted, but be forewarned, many banks won’t touch highly sensitive documents like enhanced life estate deeds.

The last option, which is the central focus of this article designed to assist both the public, and the notary public, is notary directories.

Notary directory listings can be a helpful resource for locating a notary public in your area. The directory may list the notary’s name, address, and telephone number. Additionally, the directory may list the notary’s qualifications, experience, and affiliations.

In most cases even map and website listings. Savvy notaries may even be upfront about pricing.

 As for the notary entrepreneur it is useful to increase your exposure as well as number of links to your business website. Placement is as many of them that are free is crucial. At the same time, prudence must be used when utilizing paid notary public directories. Not all are created equal. In fact most are not worth paying for.

This is a journey that must be explored and experimented with on an individual  level I can tell you my favorite  Notary Listings are without a doubt Noble Legal Pros, Notary Cafe, and Notary Rotary. I also love using the many notary resources that those 2 sites have as well.  For example, notary rotary has a page splitter that is useful for separating legal/letter documents if you aren’t running a dual tray printer.

For paid notary placements the best in my experience is by far 123Notary, and our newest build Noble Legal Pros which was by design, intentionally created to be the most powerful directory for lead generation. It straight-up generates title leads without question. Some notary & signing agent platforms like notary resume can also in a sense serve as a directory though the main purpose of those platforms is as a resource for the many signing services to hire mobile closers from.

In summary, there are many notary directories available. The list is probably far too exhausted to mention all of them here, however they make a great resource. Both the LOCAL notary CAN market their services and gain visibility, as well as for the general public looking for a “notary near me“.

For the notaries public, it’s a tight advisable to use caution when with paid listings as many of them aren’t as popular or will necessarily generate as much value as you hope, for the price they are charging for a listing. But as we’ve discussed there are also many free listings that you should take full advantage of!

For any mobile notaries or NSA signing agents looking to seriously capitalize on, and level up marketing skills we highly recommend taking a serious look at NOTARY PROSPERITY ACADEMY for online notary training systems & courses!