Guide On What To Charge As A New Notary

A Comprehensive Guide for FEES Notaries Should Charge: Unlocking the Potential of Your Commission


Welcome to my blog! Today, I want to provide a comprehensive guide for notaries – whether you're considering getting your commission or already have one but feel unsure about how to make the most of it. As a fellow notary, I understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with this profession. In this article, we will explore key insights from my experience and discuss essential steps towards building a successful notary business.

Understanding Pricing:

One crucial aspect covered in my courses is pricing. While sharing pricing details can be controversial, it's important to remember that each state has its own rules regarding setting prices. Personally, as someone who runs a notary signing service, I charge what feels appropriate for the job and the community.

Starting Your Journey:

If you're looking to leverage your notary commission to earn some extra money – perhaps for a new car or upcoming vacation – then diving into my starter courses (notary umbrella or notary jumpstart) is a great starting point. By following the training tutorials and recommendations outlined within it, you'll gain valuable insights on how to set up your business connections effectively.

Before You Begin:

To ensure success in your journey as a notary public, there are several preparatory steps worth taking. The first is familiarizing yourself with all legal requirements specific to your state. Each jurisdiction may have different prerequisites when it comes to obtaining certification and fulfilling ongoing obligations.

Additionally, acquiring professional liability insurance is highly recommended since errors or omissions could occur during document authentication processes. This insurance provides financial protection against potential claims resulting from mistakes made during official duties.

Building Business Connections:

Now that you've covered the foundational aspects let's dive into building strong business connections as a notary public. Networking plays an integral role here; by connecting with real estate agents, attorneys, loan officers, and other professionals who frequently require notarizations, you can establish a steady stream of appointments.

One way to develop these connections is by joining local groups like chamber of commerce, or attending industry-specific events. This allows you to share your expertise, hand out business cards, and build relationships with potential clients. Remember that word-of-mouth recommendations are often the most powerful marketing tool in this field.

Additionally, consider creating an online presence through social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. By showcasing your skills and services on these channels, you can attract individuals seeking reliable notary services within their networks.

The Notary Academy:

My  residually updated Notary Academy offers comprehensive information covering all aspects of being a successful notary public. From understanding legal requirements to pricing strategies and building professional connections – everything has been meticulously curated.

The Notary (Prosperity) Academy provides helpful insights into my pricing models as well as acknowledging differences across states in terms of price regulations, sharing my personal experience may serve as a reference point for aspiring notaries looking to gauge market rates effectively. Aside from the practical aspects mentioned above, the courses also delves into client management techniques such as maintaining accurate records, establishing trustworthiness through proper identification verification procedures, and ensuring compliance with privacy laws during document handling.


Thank you for taking the time to explore this article focused on maximizing your potential as a notary public. Whether you're just starting or seeking ways to enhance your existing practice – remember that knowledge is power!

By investing in resources like my updated Notary Academy, you gain access to valuable insights and practical advice that can significantly contribute to your success. So, grab a lifetime membership today and embark. We guarantee the NPA Notary Academy is the last course you'll need to take to be a successful notary!